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Yunzii X75 82 Keys Wired Hot Swappable Gasket Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

Yunzii X75 82 Keys Wired Hot Swappable Gasket Transparent Mechanical Keyboard

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【Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard】
As to give a better Gasket typing experience, in
addition to the silicone gaskets on the plates, the
X75 adds sandwich silicone sound dampeners to the plate
and fully-fitted large bottom silicone pad between the
top and bottom cases. This design significantly reduces
the gap between the PCBA and bottom case, avoids the
noise of the impacted metals, maintains the flexibility
of the gasket structure, and improves the overall typing sound.

【Unique Transparent Design】
Pursuing ultimate transparency, the X75 takes a
high-quality transparent polycarbonate keyboard top
and buttom case, clear keycaps, and transparent
crystal switches. The whole body is transparent,
making the RGB lighting more gorgeous, creating a
visible environment even under dark conditions.

【Hot Swappable PCB, Compatible with 3Pin/5Pin Switch】
X75 is equipped with hot-swappable PCB to ensure free
replacement or change of switches. It is compatible
with most 3-pin and 5-pin mechanical switches.
Pre-installed the pre-lubed custom switches providing
unrivaled tactile responsiveness with up to 50 million
keystroke lifespan.

【High-Quality Transparent PC Material with UV Printing Keycaps】
Pursuing ultimate transparency, the X75 takes prime PC
material to mold the keycaps and print the characters
through a digital printing process. The rigorous
production ensures the keycaps survive wear-resistant
and scratch-resistant tests. The keycap set is designed
with an ASA profile for those who feel like sculpt-shaped
keys and an ergonomic typing experience, with different
heights in different rows.

【RGB Backlight and Software Customization】
Up to 15 factory-set lights and music rhythm modes are
free to choose from the keyboard. Custom software is
also available for designing your new effects.
Build macros, and set up per-key lighting and effects.
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