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Pulsar Xlite V3 Large Wireless Gaming Mouse

Pulsar Xlite V3 Large Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Technical Specifications


Length: 4.98in (126.6mm)

Width: 2.73in (69.5mm)

Height: 1.75in (44.5mm)

Weight: 58g (+- 1g) / 2.05oz



26000 DPI

650 IPS

50g Acceleration

1000Hz/1ms Polling Rate

32bit ARM Processor


Ergonomic Right Hand

Recommended for Palm Grip

Ultra-light Weight 58g

Split Click Shell

Rigid Shell Structure, Removed all holes

Fast and Double Click Free OPTICAL SWITCH

Pulsar Blue Encoder

Super Smooth ballbearing wheels

Latest Flagship PAW3395 Sensor

Fully customizable sensor setting

Fully customizable keys and macros

Superflex Paracord Cable

Ultra Durable

Lag free 2.4GHz Wireless technology

Up to 100 hours battery life, ±10% at 1000Hz polling rate. Actual battery life may vary depending on user environment.


USB Port

Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Internet connection (to download software)

Windows 7 or higher (for Pulsar Software)


Xlite V3 Wireless Mouse x 1

Wireless Receiver adapter x 1

Wireless Receiver x 1

USB-C Cable x 1

Ergonomic Excellence for Every Hand Size

The Xlite V3 gaming mouse is an ergonomic marvel designed for right-hand palm grips, ensuring superior comfort during extended gaming sessions. It features a PAW3395 sensor, pulsar blue encoder, and fast, double-click-free optical switches, making it the ideal choice for competitive eSports. With lag-free 2.4GHz wireless technology, up to 100 hours of battery life, and a ±10% 1000Hz polling rate, it delivers both grip comfort and high-performance gameplay.


The Xlite V3 gaming mouse redefines ergonomics with a focus on right-hand palm grips, providing unparalleled comfort for marathon gaming sessions. Its thoughtful design ensures both grip comfort and high-performance gameplay, making it the go-to choice for competitive gamers. What sets it apart is its versatility, offering three different sizes – mini, medium, and large – to cater to individual preferences and hand sizes. Experience precision, comfort, and peak performance with the Xlite V3, tailored to your gaming needs.


You can either use it wirelessly or wired without the lag. Using the latest MCU and algorithm, it provides wire-free, consistent connectivity with a stable 1 ms report rate. Combining with Pixart’s flagship low-power sensor, it also allows the mouse to have an outstanding 100 hours battery life.

Comes with the next generation receiver and receiver 2.4Ghz adapter.


“Simple but not simpler.” We kept this in mind all the time when we designed Xlite structure. We designed a structure as simple as possible but maintained its durability. In the result, you are getting high performance gaming mouse that is lighter than the egg in your hand.

4K Polling Ready

Experience an enhanced cursor movement with the new Pulsar 4K Wireless Dongle, providing smoother and crisper performance. Particularly valuable for high refresh rate monitors, the high polling rate ensures a more current flow of data, perfectly matching the display's faster frequency. By offering up to 4 times more data reports per second, the delay between the latest report and your monitor's frame rendering is significantly reduced compared to a 1000 Hz polling rate, resulting in a seamless and up-to-date cursor experience.

* Separate 4K Dongle Purchase required.

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