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Moondrop Lan 10mm Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver

Moondrop Lan 10mm Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver

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Moondrop Lan 10mm Dual-Cavity Dynamic Driver

New-Generation Large-Size Dynamic Driver
High-Efficiency Internal Magnetic Driver Structure
Compact & Lightweight Shell Design
Professionally Tuned for Excellent Sound

Newly-Designed Large-Size Beryllium-Plated Dome Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Unit
Moondrop has got years of experience in designing high-performance in-ear monitors with customized driver units. For their latest “LAN” they have featured a new generation of large-size beryllium-plated dome composite diaphragm, high-efficiency internal magnetic driver structure with brass internal acoustic cavity.

MIM Metallurgy Treated Stainless Steel Shells
Moondrop has crafted the ear shells of the latest “LAN” using high-quality stainless steel material. It adopts MIM powder metallurgy process, the solid stainless steel housing is manufactured by high-temperature sintering through mold forming.This technology was first used in this universal product, promising [LAN] a high-end texture and superior quality.

Tuned In-Line With VDSF Target Response
Moondrop has designed the LAN using their years of knowledge and expertise with High-performance audio gears. The frequency response for the pair falls in line with the VDSF Target Response and provides ultra-low distortion in the output signal. The pair shows excellent resolution and a natural, reference-grade tone that treats the listeners with an open, lively, natural sound presentation. It complements different genres of music with its professional tuning and will be an ideal choice for most audiophiles.

Swappable Cables
Moondrop LAN uses a universal 0.78 interchangeable cable, which allows users to replace the cable, including the upgraded cable for monitoring, the cable with a microphone for calling/gaming, and the Bluetooth cable for outdoor listening.
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