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Endgame Gear

Endgame Gear XM1R Gaming Mouse

Endgame Gear XM1R Gaming Mouse

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Endgame Gear XM1r Gaming Mouse

The XM1r is a refresh of the XM1 Gaming Mouse. Available in an additional two editions, it has an updated PixArt PAW3370 optical sensor and custom-sorted Kailh GM 8.0 switches. It also sports a hybrid skate design and all new firmware and software developed in Germany.

Built for Tournament Performance.

Lightweight Construction.

Superior Build Quality.

Flexible Cable.

The XM1r’s responsiveness is significantly improved by the implementation of the PixArt PAW3370 sensor with a resolution of up to 19000 CPI, 1mm of Lift-Off-Distance and up to 400 IPS. Every effort has been made to squeeze the last ounce of performance from this sensor.

Custom Kailh GM 8.0 switches have been used for the XM1r's main buttons. These have been pre-sorted to an operating force of 55-60gf, which results in an extremely pleasant and fast click.
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