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Akko Mahjong Keycap Set (108-Key)

Akko Mahjong Keycap Set (108-Key)

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AKKO Mahjong Keycap Set (108-Key)

Mahjong Themed Design;
OEM Profile Dye-sublimation Keycaps;
108 Keys.

Mahjong Themed 
Mahjong-themed Keycap not only captures the essence of the game with its intricately designed keycaps and traditional color palette but also adds a delightful touch of fun to users’ typing experience, turning each keystroke into a playful tile match.

OEM PBT Double-shot & Dye-sub Keycaps 
OEM profile keycaps are designed to bring maximum comfort, keeping hands in a natural state to minimize hand fatigue after long-time use and help users minimize typos.

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