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AKKO 5087S ASA Shine-Through Keyboard

AKKO 5087S ASA Shine-Through Keyboard

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AKKO 5087S ASA Shine-Through Keyboard


ASA Profile Shine-through PBT Double Shot Keycaps;


TKL Layout Compact;

5-pin Hot-swappable with RGB Backlit;

USB-Type C Wired Mode;

Plate Foam and Case Foam;

Comes with Akko CS Jelly Switches.


[Keyboard Specs:]

Switch: Akko CS Jelly Pink/Akko CS Jelly Purple

Interface: USB Type C

Macro: Akko Macro V1.0

N-Key Rollover: Supported

Disable Winlock: Supported

Backlit: RGB Backlit

Hot-Swappable: Yes

[General Specs]

Model: 5087S

Dimensions: 382*134*40mm

Weight: Approximately 1.05KG

Material: PBT Material

Profile: ASA

Printing Technology: Double-Shot

Side-Printed: N/A

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