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Akko 5075S Shine-Through Keyboard

Akko 5075S Shine-Through Keyboard

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Akko 5075S Shine-Through Keyboard


Gasket Mount Keyboard with Knob (wired version);

Akko ASA Shine-through PBT Keycaps;

Comes with the new Akko TPU Double Shot Plate Mount Stabilizer;

Poron Plate Foam + Case Foam;

Rotary Knob: Color Matching;

Support Akko Cloud Driver;

Accessory:  Switch puller, keycap puller, USB-C cable, User Manual


Akko CS Wine White Switch

Type: Tactile

Actuation Force: 36gf ± 5gf

Total Travel: 4.0-0.5mm

Pre-Travel: 2.0±0.3mm

Tactile Position: 0.5±0.3mm

Tactile Force: 55gf±5gf


Akko CS Gateron Yellow (lubed)

Type: Linear

End Force: 50gf ± 15gf

Total Travel: 4.0 - 0.4mm

Pre-Travel: 2.0 ± 0.6mm

Tactile Position:N/A

Tactile Force: N/A

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